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Easy to Clean Window Blinds & Shutters 0

If there’s one chore that seems to be dreaded above all others, I’m pretty sure it would be cleaning the blinds. Whether wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl or aluminium, most of us HATE cleaning the blinds! It’s a time-consuming task and no one seems to be sure that they’re even doing it right!So, we have simplified blinds cleaning for you by quick and cleaning method which can be added on your regular cleaning to-dos - there’s no need to clean every slat one at a time or take the entire shade off the window. All you need are some simple tools and a few minutes to improve your view.

Material & Tools Required

  • Vacuum cleaner – soft brush/dust brush attachment

  • Microfiber cloths

  • Microfiber duster (optional)

  • Dishwashing liquid / Vinegar

  • Warm water

How to clean Vinyl and Aluminium Blinds

There are different ways to clean vinyl or aluminium mini blinds. You can start cleaning them by using a duster – or you can vacuum them. 

Combine dish soap and warm water in a bowl. Wet a microfiber cloth with the solution and wring it out, leaving the cloth damp but not soaking. Dab the stain with the damp cloth. Do this multiple times depending on the stubbornness of the stain. Repeat with a clean cloth moistened with plain water and let the shade air dry.

Aluminium Blinds - Forever Blinds Australia

How to Clean Wood Blinds

Vacuum blind gently with dust brush attachment or just use duster to start with cleaning process. Removing stubborn grime on wooden blinds can be tricky you may use a slightly damp (not wet) cloth, though. As wood is porous, be careful not to stain your blinds during the cleaning process.

- Add a couple of drops of Vinegar to a bowl of warm water. 

- Gently wipe each slat, ensuring you don't apply too much pressure, as this could stain the wood.

- Once finished, keep your windows open so that any moisture quickly evaporates. When dry, your wooden blinds should be as good as new. 


For best results, dust or vacuum weekly and your blinds will stay good as new all year long! 

Cleaning Wooden Venetian Blinds - Forever Blinds Austrlia

How to Clean Roller and Roman Blinds

For cleaning fabric blinds we recommend them to vacuum regularly to avoid build-up and discolouration. 

So, if you are dusting regularly, you will be OK. If you want to wash them and they are flat roller/roman blinds, completely unroll them, vacuum first, then use warm soapy water on a well-wrung out sponge and wash each side. Then, leave unrolled for a day or two and allow to dry. Remember to always test in an inconspicuous area first to avoid damage. 

Cleaning Roman Blinds - Forever Blinds Australia

Tips & Tricks

  • No microfiber cloths on hand? Use an old (but clean!) sock, preferably acrylic or polyester.

  • If your vinyl or aluminium blinds are in the kitchen where they are exposed to grease, they may need a deep clean. Take the blinds off the window and place in a bathtub with warm water and dish soap. Let the blinds soak for about an hour. Rise with warm water and wipe away any excess dirt or dust. Let the blinds dry completely before reinstalling.

  • If your fabric blinds need more than dusting or spot cleaning, you can take them to the dry cleaner for a thorough refresh.

  • It's important to start at the top of the blinds when you clean, otherwise, dust will fall on areas you've already cleaned.

  • Vertical blinds can be cleaned using the same method described above. Wipe vertical blinds in a downward motion or they could come unhooked.

Are Zebra Blinds Blockout? 0

The simple answer is yes, they can be made with blockout or room darkening fabrics! 


This gorgeous blind type, Zebra Blinds, comes from the Roller Blinds family and as such comes in similar fabric options, from light filtering to blockout shades and from lighter neutral shades to bold brighter shades.Zebra Blinds can be fully rolled up for a clear view of the outside and when rolled down, the fabric sits flat against the window for a light blocking or room darkening effect.

Blockout Zebra Blinds Australia

What does the blockout Zebra Blind do?

Good question? It really does darken your room! You really need to think if near to complete room darkening during the day is a must or not. Both blockout and light filtering fabrics give you privacy options during the day and night. The main difference is that during the day, blockout fabrics can provide near to complete room darkening whereas, the light filtering fabrics will allow for some filtered light to enter through during the day. The blockout Zebra Blinds are generally good for bedrooms where early morning light may be an issue and light filtering fabrics are great for living areas as they make the area feel energetic and look bigger during the day. If consistency is desirable, light filtering or blockout Zebra Blinds go well throughout the house including glass sliding doors.

Blockout Zebra Blinds trend in Australia?

Zebra Blinds are in trend and has been the buzzword in the window furnishings industry for quite a few years. What makes them special is the specially made advanced fabric. Although the fabric sits flat against the window like a roller blind, if desirable you can still maintain the view outside while maintaining privacy. How is this possible, right? It’s because, unlike a traditional roller blind, when a Zebra Blind is in rolled down position, the mechanism allows for horizontal fabric slats to move vertically and adjust the amount of light entering the room, while maintaining the view through the sheer fabric layer. Of course, the fabric slats can be aligned in closed position, allowing privacy and full light control like a roller blind. It gives you the flexibility of a venetian blind in a fabric roller blind with adjustable slat style light control.

Blockout Zebra Blinds Australia

Why get a Blockout Zebra Blind?

If you are in market and looking for a Double Roller Blind, the one’s that come with 2 blinds for 1 window, also known as Day and Night Blinds, then the Zebra Blind is a perfect in trend choice. The modern looking blind not only adds its aesthetic charisma to the interior décor but also requires less real estate than the Double Roller Blind. At Forever Blinds, select from an exclusive range of blockout and translucent fabric options for Zebra Blinds.

Where to get Zebra Blinds from?

It really depends on whether you are looking to get it measured and installed or are happy to save money (bit of DIY involved). If you are looking for a free measure & quote, there’s an easy route of 3 quotes and the cheapest wins. You get to see a rushed-up sales pitch with fabric swatches and quotes to choose from. It could get you the job done but expect to pay the traditional price. 


Is there another way? Interestingly yeah! 

Let’s introduce you to buying Blockout Zebra Blinds Online, the Forever Blinds style. Get a tape measure and follow these easy 2 step process and with a bit of DIY you can get your own quote online. The online store gives you access to browse products at the convenience of your time and order up to 6 free samples to match them to your décor not just once during the free measure and quote, but unlimited times at your convenience. Along with the online shopping customised experience, the Zebra Blind itself comes fully assembled for an easy DIY installation. Simply mount the brackets and clip on the blind. Easy as! Always follow installation instructions, or you can contact us for any assistance. 


Need to know more about Zebra Blinds? Checkout our blog post on Types of Roller Blinds or check out our range of light filtering and blockout Zebra Blind fabrics online. 


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