Window Blinds by Room

Every room serves a different purpose and have its set of requirements. We help you select the window coverings that helps you serve the purpose. At Forever Blinds, you can also select the same fabric in different blind types to meet your individual room requirements.


Window Blinds in kid’s room should be nurturing, warm and welcoming most importantly that should reflect your child’s taste and interest. If you have a toddler or a baby, a blockout fabric could be a preferred option to maintain darkness for your little one’s daytime nap. For the grown-ups or teenagers, we have a range of bold and creative options. What makes it great is our custom printing option, you can print almost anything of your kid’s choice on a roller blind or a timber venetian blind. Make it educational with alphabets or make it fun with their favourite hero. 

All corded window blinds supplied by us comply with the mandatory Australian standard for corded window blinds. We also have cord free options available with our motorised blinds.

Best Blind Types


Kitchen Blinds - Best window blinds for kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the home some say. But it can be the messiest rooms in the house too. While choosing window blinds for kitchen priority should be given to maintenance free and easy to clean options. 

Most of window blind fabrics are acrylic coated and are resistant to cracking and fraying, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. A simple yet functional roller blind or a Zebra Roller Blind makes a perfect fabric kitchen blind. Choose a brighter shade to add colour to your kitchen. 

If you are after a wooden option then Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds provide excellent water and moisture resistance and are great for indoor use. White Plantation Shutters or White Timber Venetian Blinds can add a wow factor to your kitchen.

Best Blind Types


Roman Blinds for the Bedroom - Modern Home

Bedroom is one of the rooms for most of the people where they want to feel comfortable and relaxed after long hectic day. So, choosing the right blind is very essential. 

It really depends on how much light you want entering your room. If you like uninterrupted long sleep ins, then blockout blinds are the perfect option. And if you’re an early riser and like to get up with first ray of the sunlight for that we can also offer you great range of light filtering blinds.

Wooden blinds are classic and great for privacy. Most of the people prefer venetian blinds as they are versatile without big price tag. For the ultimate choice we have quality Plantation Shutters for your modern bedroom.

Best Blind Types


Best Roller Blinds for Bathrooms Online

Unlike any other room bathroom blinds are mainly for providing privacy.

Bathroom is usually the wet humid area so practicality should be your priority. Delicate and high maintenance fabrics should be avoided. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on look. Blinds for bathroom can still look lavish and luxurious by choosing the correct durable fabric which can go a long way.

Roller Blinds are a good choice for bathrooms. They’re easy to use, offer great privacy, won’t warp, and are pretty easy to maintain. Zebra Blinds, Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds are also a worthy option for bathrooms.

Best Blind Types


Living Room Window Coverings - Roman Blinds

Your living room is the place you go to sit, relax and socialise, so it’s important that it feels warm and inviting at the same time it needs to protect your furniture from harm UV Rays and reducing sunlight and heat gain.

Roman blinds drape help in showcase sophistication and unique choice of the fabric you choose at the same time provides privacy. Top down bottom up is the new trend giving your living are a perfect makeover. These operate like a regular roman or roller blinds where you can raise the bottom to have the clear view. However, they have a unique feature to lower the top of the blind which lets the natural light in the room yet you have full control on privacy from the lower end of your window. 

Wooden blinds and shutters can bring the warmth of real wood into your home while providing great light control and privacy.

Best Blind Types


Media Room Blinds - Blockout Blinds Online

Having media room is one of the fantasies for most of the people. It’s a room where your friends and family get together for the most awaited movie night. It’s an experience and window treatments play an important role in darkening your room for the complete movie experience.

Blackout shades or are essential for enhancing the viewing experience.We recommend Blockout Roller blinds with outside frame installation for your window. If you want to darken a room as much as possible, consider an outside fit with the blind being back rolled so that it fits snug against your window frame. Otherwise, with an inside fit, there will be some light gaps on the left and right side of the blind.

Blockout Roman Blinds or Plantation Shutters may also be a suitable choice for media rooms.

Best Blind Types


Quality Plantation Shutters for the office

The Study/Office in a home is the area to have some relaxing time. It’s critical to have the right options in your room to keep you stay focussed on the important things. Think about options for light control and privacy. With slatted blinds you have options to control the amount and direction of light which can be a great option for the home office.

Options such as Plantation Shutters or Timber Venetian Blinds provide the desired look and functionality. For a fabric option, consider Triple Shade Roller Blinds or Zebra Blinds for the same functionality of slats.

Best Blind Types