Window Blinds by Need

Whatever be your need, we have the window covering options to help you. Shopping online with us is safe & secure and our customer service team is always available to support you. With the amount of options we have in stock, you'll wish you had more windows to decorate!


Custom Made Privacy Blinds Online

Most of the window blinds give you privacy, but it comes down to the level of privacy you want and the kind of fabric you like. You can choose window blind fabrics on the basis of how much privacy you want.

Blockout & Light Filtering fabrics will help maintain day & night privacy. Blockout fabrics even maintain darkness during the day, whereas Light Filtering fabrics allow some light to filter through the fabric. Some Light Filtering fabrics may produce a silhouette effect at night. Sunscreen fabrics on the other side will provide good levels of day time privacy and can be suitable for high rise buildings or if you have no direct looking neighbours around. 

We also have Venetian Blinds and Plantation Shutters which are a great option if privacy is on the list. The horizontal louvres can be tilted to let in the varying amount of light and can be completely closed for privacy.

Best Blinds for Privacy


Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night Blinds as the name suggests are ideal for day and night use. Traditionally, people have been using multiple blinds with a mix of sheer and blockout fabrics. We have option to include a sheer and blockout blind in a single mounting bracket which provides the day and night functionality in a single blind. Check out our range of Double Roller Blinds for heaps of options to choose from. 

Additionally, the modern alternative to Double Roller Blinds is the new Zebra Roller Blinds. These are also known as Vision Blinds, Horizontal Blinds or Lumen Blinds. These consist of an engineered layered fabric that makes the day and night functionality possible in a single roller blind. At Forever Blinds, we are proud to offer you the largest exclusive collection of Zebra Roller Blinds.

Best Blinds for Day & Night use


Blockout Blinds  - Best Roller Blinds

Daytime sunlight could be a problem, especially if you are a light sleeper or have young children. To blockout the daytime sunlight, window blinds are a great option. Blockout fabrics are special fabrics, carefully manufactured with thick liner backing and can block up to 99.9% of sunlight. These blinds are great for babies or toddlers room providing them complete blockout and uninterrupted sleep. Also great for maintaining the room temperature keeping it cold during the summers and warm during winters which means your electricity bills not shooting up drastically. An added advantage of blockout blinds is that you get complete day and night privacy too. 

If fabric is not your cup of tea, then Plantation Shutters are also a good option to block out light.

Best Blinds for Blocking out Light


Motorised Blinds - Best for people with limited mobility

Issues involving mobility may present some challenges for people, many times affecting their quality of life. With technological advancements it’s now possible in many ways to improve the quality of life, whether it be a temporary mobility issue or caring for the elderly.

At Forever Blinds, we offer an extensive range of motorised blinds which can be operated with a touch of a button. No more moving to open and close window blinds. We also have a range of home automation motors that could easily integrate with your existing home automation system.

Best Blinds for Limited Mobility


At Forever Blinds, we ensure to take care of your little ones. All window blinds supplied by us are child & pet friendly and in compliance with the mandatory Australian Standard for corded window coverings. 

We commit to industry standards and practices and are proud members of the Window Coverings Association of Australia (WCAA) and Master Builders Queensland. Additionally, all our window blinds go through a stringent quality check prior to dispatch, ensuring you receive all the necessary bits.

We care for you and your loved ones.

Best Blinds for Child Safety


Window Blinds for Home Automation Systems

In this modern era where automation and artificial intelligence are the buzzwords, how could we leave window blinds out of it. At Forever Blinds, we bring you the smarts to control your window blinds with your existing or new home automation system, in sync with your lights and other electronic devices. Set the scene, mood and enjoy! 

If you don’t have a home automation system or planning for one, why not have a look at our motorised blinds option. These can be controlled by a remote and even with your mobile phone or your smart assistant (additional accessory required).

Best Blinds for Home Automation