Plantation Shutters

measured & installed by the manufacturer

Need professional measure & install

We are here to save you money on quality custom made window blinds. Our products are easy to DIY however, should you need a professional measure and install we recommend checking out Airtasker®. If you are looking to get Plantation Shutters, we offer the complete professional experience that includes professional consultation, measure and install arranged by the manufacturer.

Plantation Shutters

Get the professional experience with selected Plantation Shutters. You get the complete package with 1 hour consultation, measure & install arranged by the manufacturer.


Why pay for initial measure & quote when there are options available for free measure & quote?

We have carefully selected our measure & consult fee and believe $249 is what most of our customers are willing to pay for a professional consultation that is not focussed on making a sale but to help you get the best Plantation Shutters for your needs. After all, it's going to be an investment for your most expensive investment, your home!

We all understand nothing is free and everything has a cost component to it. The free measure & quote service provided by many will have the cost included in your quote. If that's not all, add the commission being made by the sales person to the cost as well. Don't be fooled by questionable discounts made during free measure & quotes. Find the perfect balance of cost and quality, only at Forever Blinds.  

Additionally, if you find a cheaper quote for similar specification Plantation Shutters, we'll be happy to consider beating the quote and discount the initial $249 consult fee.

How do I book a consult & measure for custom made Plantation Shutters?

You can book a consult & measure appointment by filling out your details online and completing your payment. Once your order is confirmed, one of the friendly team members will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

Why do you provide professional service on Plantation Shutters only?

Plantation Shutters are complex and may require more attention to detail, which an average home DIY person may not be willing to do. We believe that Plantation Shutters are best installed by a professional installer and therefore at Forever Blinds, you have the option to have installation arranged by the manufacturer.

All other window blinds can be installed easily with a little DIY and instructions. However, should you wish to have professional measure & install, we recommend trying Airtasker®.

Can you remove existing window coverings?

Can you remove existing window coverings?

What area's are covered?

The professional service is currently available in Sydney metro, Brisbane metro, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Other areas such as Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba are also serviced with an out of area surcharge.

Professional measure & quote

We'll contact you upon order confirmation, to book a suitable time.

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Need an installer for all other window blinds 

try Airtasker®

The best person for the job isn't always who you think. Find the people with the skills you need on Aitasker®.

You can find your window blinds of choice online, get free samples delivered and find the ones you like. Then have your windows measured through a job posted on Aitasker®. A quick measure job depending on the number of windows should cost you around $50-$70. To make the process easy, make sure to have our measure template handy to note down the details. Once you have the details just email us the details or order online. Once your window blinds are delivered, it's easy to arrange a job through Airtasker® to have your window blinds installed. It generally costs around $60-$70 for the initial 1-2 window blinds and $20-$40 for subsequent one's. It is recommended to arrange for the same tradesperson to measure & install window blinds.

We are sure to save you money as there is no middle sales process and free measure & quotes or questionable discounts. The free measure & quotes are not always the best option as they also have their costs factored in their overall price.

Get $25 off your first job on Airtasker®